Will My Destination Wedding Be Affected By Coronavirus 2020? – Coronavirus Pandemic Situation In Portugal

The WHO (World Health Organization) has esteemed the side effects of COVID-19 to be a pandemic. The UK Government has reported the outbreak of COVID-19 and restrict all kind of social events for one week from now – Wedding Affected by Coronavirus:

Should you cancel your destination wedding because of COVID-19?

If you booked your wedding destination in Portugal and your wedding is in 1-2 months, you may probably face different issues regarding health. You have to understand what is right for you and your guests.

How COVID-19 affect your wedding & how you can prevent its expansion at your wedding?

You likely could be worried about the chance of COVID-19 spreading at your destination wedding. The most significant thing is to ensure that you find a way to prevent it. Follow precautionary steps to keep your wedding safe!

1. Guarantee everybody washes their hands:

Always ensure that there are adequate hand wash facilities available for your wedding guests. COVID-19 doesn’t spread as effectively when airborne. It mostly spread through physical contact. Hand washing is the best measure your visitors can take to forestall the spread.

2. Build up hygiene standards at your wedding place:

You should incorporate excessive usage of hand sanitizers and keep connected with the general health associations. In case you’re worried about the hygiene standards of your wedding venue, don’t be hesitant to ask them to arrange it.

3. Avoid travel from overseas:

Support any individual who is comingfrom abroad, or those with cold or influenza to remain at home. Precautions need to follow if your guest feels little discomfort.

4. Limit your physical contact:

A fact which has been generally prescribed is to minimize the physical touch. Obviously, at a wedding, it feels good to have embraces, kisses and handshakes. However, in the ongoing phase of COVID-19, you should limit the physical contact to avoid risks.

Wedding Affected by Coronavirus - Should you cancel your destination wedding because of COVID-19?

You may have to adjust your plans and expectations. Postpone your wedding until later in the year or even 2021.

Should I start planning my wedding destination for 2021?

This is going to be a really tough one to answer as the situation constantly changes.

There has never been a more uncertain time than right now as the world battles COVID-19.

We don’t have all the answers, and with the situation changing rapidly, we just can wait a few weeks and see how the situation get along in Portugal. Just can tell you tha Wedding planning might look a little different in the next few months. In-person meetings with your wedding team will probably move to online platforms like Skype or whatsapp, you may need to consider more digital tools too.

Don’t forget…

We are all in this together! We can still change the course of this pandemic. Let´s all do our part together an be socially responsible.

If you need someone to talk to about your wedding plans, or need help in any way, please reach out to us. 

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