Six amazing venues to have your wedding in Portugal

Portugal, this jewel at the edge of Europe, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, has countless wonderful places where you can carry out your dream wedding. In this article we show you six incredible spaces that you can choose from. Prepare to be dazzled.

1. Wedding in Forte da Cruz

Fort by the Sea Wedding Venue Cascais - Wedding Planner in PortugalForte da Cruz is a fabulous magnificent fortress in Portugal. It is excellent for romantic weddings due to the intimacy of the setting.  Besides, it offers the most stunning sunsets,  along with a breathtaking sight of the sea and the Cascais bay line. This venue is an excellent location for your destination wedding in Portugal.

What a perfect setting for a wedding reception! The sun went down and the lights quickly! A magnificent structure and amazing sights! Nevertheless, it is really a wonderful place to spend a night rejoicing!

The Forte da Cruz was built to provide safety to the well-off class whereas delighting in their summer holiday at the exquisite beach. Now an elegant venue provides a big as well as intimate wedding.

2. Wedding in Forte da Crismina

OceanFront Fort Venue_ Wedding Packages 2023There are places that enchant for their structure, for containing a deep and impressive history or for other details that the bride and groom would like the place to have. However, when a space manages to combine all these characteristics, it becomes a strong candidate for any couple. This is the case of the Fort of Crismina, located on the coastline of Guincho-Cascais, south of Praia do Guincho.

Surrounded by sea and protected by secular walls this venue was built in 1762 and was rehabilitated to be the most emblematic wedding venue of the entire Cascais coast – Lisbon. If you love sea view, you can decide get married in Cascais. With all the great things that this place offer, your wedding will become memorable. You can enjoy this private oceanfront Wedding Venue. 

3. Wedding in Coconuts

Oceanfront_Wedding_Wedding-Cascais_Wedding-Planner-in-PortugalFormerly the most well-known club on the seaside of Cascais, Coconuts is currently accessible for private occasions. The club close to Cascais Marina overlooks the ocean with the Santa Marta Lighthouse acting as a guard.

In contrast to a wonderful setting, the most popular cuisine establishment in Lisbon in partnership with the Farol Design Hotel has placed the rehabilitated Coconuts. As well as its flexibility to arrange all types of occasions at your clearance. From worldwide product promotions to a fascinating sunset wedding, the 400 sqm secluded area is the ideal location for your festivity.

In addition to the wonderful sight and the sea in front of the alfresco lounge, the place can be fully reorganized to accommodate your wish, concept, or a particular setting. The place is within walking distance from Cascais center.

4. Wedding in InterContinental Estoril-Cascais

At the InterContinental Cascais-Estoril, located on the “Portuguese Riviera”, a place full of beauty and glamour, it is possible to organize the dream wedding, which will remain forever in your memory and that of your guests. We create unforgettable moments, and our Wedding Planner in Portugal team will provide the necessary support for a perfect wedding tailored to your preferences. Every detail matters, sophistication and personalization are the key elements in the organization and planning of this very special day. On the way to Happiness, and with the blue sea always present, enter a world of elegance where we make your dream come true.

5.Wedding in Hotel Palácio Estoril

The Palácio Estoril Hotel is one of the most emblematic hotels in Portugal. It is located in Estoril, close to Cascais and Sintra and just 25 km from Lisbon International Airport. The Hotel Palácio Estoril has an atmosphere of classic splendour and was the scene of magnificent and aristocratic weddings such as those of Princess Maria Pia de Saboia in 1955 and Infanta Pilar of Spain in 1967. The Hotel provides a welcoming and elegant environment, where famous guests have stayed, as members of European royalty and was also a site of espionage. Later, these stories inspired novelists and filmmakers. One of the most important was the James Bond film 007 – On Her Majesty’s Service. Your dream wedding in a magical place!

6. Wedding in Monserrate

Monserrate Palace Wedding Venue Sintra - Wedding Planner in PortugalA haven for novelists, Monserrate Palace, located in Sintra, fascinated several worldwide visitors, especially among the British. They applauded its impressiveness in their travel accounts and writings. When Francis Cook, a well-off 19th-century British tycoon, and a great art accumulator, stayed here, he was enthralled. From this passion, arose a work of art of Romanticism: the Park and Palace of Monserrate.

Francis Cook brings his vision into preparation in converting Monserrate into what we see now. Its animated parks are fitted with incredible guests with the bizarre types found from each place in the world. A fortress that embodies an exact verse to idealistic design. The sophisticated perception of Francis Cook and the brilliance of its builder James Knowles Jr. shared several different impacts here, which makes this space an idyllic and romantic place to get married.

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Your experience with the destination wedding venue, Forte da Cruz will be wonderful. It is the best venue for your dream day. Everything from the setting to the food is excellent. Your friends and family will have a great time. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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