How to Acquire Civil Marriage and Marriage Registration in Portugal?

Marriage Registration in Portugal

Marriage Registration in Portugal – It is easy to understand why Portugal is such a smart preference for couples dreaming of a tie the knot abroad. Adored for its extended, sandy beaches, delectable food, and hospitable people. As well as the bright sunny climate, Portugal is a dwelling place to countless fabulous wedding locations and dealers. Therefore, you are spoon-fed for options if you pick to get married there. Certainly, if you wish to tie the knot in Portugal, you must get to holds with several legitimacies. As well as necessities for marriage, which is where your all loved ones at one big day arrived!

The ceremony for a civil wedding can happen at the registry office. Otherwise at a Wedding Venue of your preference. It does not necessary to be a place accredited for weddings. A celebrant from the civil registry office to be legally binding should perform the ceremony. This requires to be settled well beforehand. You can count on wedding planners for this service!

You will require providing numerous documents to lawfully wed in Portugal.

Documents required for a Legal Civil Wedding Ceremony - Marriage Registration in Portugal

For Portuguese National

  1. Citizen Card
  2. Birth certificate

For Foreign National:

  1. Passport
  2. Long Birth Certificates;
  3. Marriage certificate (issued by the Civil Registrar) All essentials have to conform with the birth certificate.
  4. Certificates of matrimonial capacity (applicable in some cases)

Upon accomplishment of the initial procedure, a marriage license is issued. To officially get married in Portugal requires a bit of paperwork and time yet it’s worth the wait!

Wedding Planner in Portugal provides a Civil Marriage Package:

  • Consultation and full process support
  • Registry office Fee
  • Official Ceremony
  • Translator for the Ceremony in English
  • Document Translation from English to Portuguese / Preparation (Long birth certificates )
  • Portuguese Wedding Certificate with apostil or International Wedding Certificate (depending on the case)
  • Submitting of the wedding documentation and organizing the wedding process with the presence of the couple.  OR with a letter of attorney

Keep in mind that this package is only available as a complement to other Wedding Packages.

In conclusion, we offer all-inclusive Wedding Packages so that our couple doesn’t have to worry about anything! Just enjoy that unique moment of their lives!

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