How much does a wedding planner cost?

wedding planner cost

The wedding planner can be the best person for couples who do not have enough time to plan their wedding. He can assist you through the whole process of planning and running the event effectively. You can choose the one who is professional and expert in the field. He can also offer you’re a lot of tips and recommendation for planning your wedding. It is quite essential to have an idea that wedding planning is not one service – your vision of the wedding should be different and it all depends on the wedding planner.

The wedding planner cost differ depending on the level of expertise of the planner, the most professional ones cost more as compared to the beginners.

What services are included in the fee of a wedding planner?

The services including in the cost of wedding planner differ on the basis of person you hire, while it is a day planner, a month planner or a complete service. Some of the basic services that the wedding planner may involve in his/her package.

Vendor and Venue Selection

The wedding planner has a lot of links in the industry and he can assist you in picking the vendors and venue that will bring the vision of wedding to life.

Wedding preparations

There are multiple small tasks that make your day best including a timeline, invitations to the assembly, making your display amazing, helping you with the seating and many more.


Do you consider the paperwork as a big part of planning your wedding? Well! Unluckily, it is not wrong. But there is no need to worry! The wedding planners can assure that it is easy to organize the timelines, contracts, and budgets if required.

These are the basic things which you can discuss the cost of planning your wedding to the wedding planner.

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