Eloping Or Small Wedding?

Eloping or small wedding

You may not distinguish a Eloping or Small Wedding at first glance. They share many same points, yet are necessarily different.

So, which one you choose? Eloping or Small Wedding? Let us talk about both so that you have an idea of how you love to tie the knot!

Small Wedding

We can consider a small intimate wedding as a bit scaled-down traditional ceremony. Smaller Wedding Venue, fewer decorations, fewer guests, but more peace of mind, coziness, and simplicity.

When there are fewer moving parts to be concerned about, it is quite easy to plan your wedding in Portugal and see how it goes off without any trouble.It is among the significant reasons why small weddings are famous: couples are attracted to the simplicity of Mini weddings.

A small intimate wedding includes essential components of a traditional wedding: reception, the ceremony itself, catering, a hard guest list, and formal invitations. Though there are a few people to worry about, around 20 or so, there are a lot of things that require to be taken care of in terms of wedding planning.


When it comes to talking about eloping – an act of running off secretly –  as to be married – evokes images of wedding adventure and romance. The eloping saves money. However, it reduces the pressure linked with planning a large wedding. Here the guest list is the couple.

Usually, the elopement ceremonies have no guests except the celebrant. The ceremony can take place anywhere – Elopement in a Vintage Villa, Elope on the beach, Elopement with stunning background views by the sea, Elopement Wedding in a vineyard… where you elope is somewhat flexible.

Eloping or Small Wedding?

Some Common FAQs about Small Weddings

How much a Small Wedding Cost?

Well! If you are concerned about the cost of your small wedding, don’t worry! We have got your covered. Check out our Elopement packages and let us know which one is suitable for you.

What is the Small Wedding size?

Our small wedding packages include around 10-20 guests.

Where to have small Intimate weddings?

You can enjoy your small wedding in Portugal – Sintra – Cascais

Why choose Mini weddings?

You can save a little money; however, there are a lot of expectations that come with s small wedding: tux rentals, a fancy wedding dress, photography packages, gift register, formal catering, floral arrangements, and more.

Moreover, our safety is our first priority. Small weddings keep you safe from any pandemic disease. There are the least chances of getting infected in small weddings.

Enjoy your special day with just parents and closest friends, and invite up to 20 guests who are close to you to attend your wedding.

In conclusion, choose eloping or small wedding, what matters is love and commitment!

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