Destination Wedding VS Traditional Wedding

Destination wedding Versus Traditional Wedding

Celebrating your Destination Wedding in Portugal can be Fun as well as peaceful. Your Destination Wedding held in any location from the hometown. As compared to a traditional wedding, a destination wedding is popular among the couple due to many reasons.

Unfortunately deciding upon selecting the Destination Wedding VS Traditional Wedding comes down to the personal preferences. So if you love to organize your wedding in Portugal or recommend to jet off at a local lake, it will be upon your choices. First, you should come to know how they can differ from each other.

Destination Wedding VS Traditional Wedding:

Your Destination Wedding:

A Destination wedding is incredibly small in size. Some of of the Destination weddings include only the eloping couple. However, others incorporate a couple of dear loved ones, and with various gatherings over traditional weddings.


  • A destination wedding is stress-free. They are simple to plan and arrange in less time and money.
  • These kinds of weddings are cost-effective. You’re set of guests to pay for their flights and hotels to be at your destination place.
  • The Groom & Bride can experience your unique wedding with a single ceremony at a breathtaking location.
  • Married couple don’t need to worry about the family situation. There are usually limited guests invited because of financial hurdles.
  • Groom & Bride can combine your wedding occasion and honeymoon at your dream location. There will be no traveling plans needed.


  • Bride & Groom might face problems in getting marriage licenses while moving to any foreign country (Wedding Planner in Portugal can help you at the civil process, don´t worry!)
  • Your most beloved friends might not be able to attend the wedding because of expenses or they may not have days to take off at work.
  • Probably, you will be in your dream place, but your couple of guests stays with you all the time. So there will be no thoughts of romantic honeymoon plans.

Your Traditional Wedding:


  • Traditional weddings can assist with making a rich history inside your family.
  • You can save money or not (will depend on the cost of living in your city).
  • Couple can get your marriage license quickly.
  • More availability of wedding venues.
  • A traditional wedding gives you more chances to have all your colleagues, friends and family together since they don’t have to travel.


  • It may feel tough to find out the exact area to fit every one of your guests.
  • Tendentially, those who have a traditional wedding in their hometown, think they don´t need a wedding planner and can organize the wedding by themselves. Which can generate a lot of stress.
  • The couple must pay for your several guests along with their accommodation and transport.
  • Likely you get less time to spend together because of various occasions.

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